Product: Whispersync for Voice
Role: Lead UI Designer and Art Director (Marketing)
Year: 2013
Challenge: Design a user flow introducing a new syncing technology for amazon’s kindle ebook devices, and cross-platform mobile apps. New tech paired users’ ebooks with professional audio narration
Business Objective: Build awareness of this new feature to both amazon and audible customers, as well as expand amazon’s customer-centric digital ecosystem
Marketing Objective: Encourage customers to get through more of their favorite books faster by reading and listening simultaneously or separately
User Flow Chart and Icon

We initially started working with the software engineers and product managers to understand the technology and what capabilities the users would have as amazon members to combine the two mediums. These examples show some higher-level user flows that an amazon user would experience from the product's initial launch. The main user flow (left) shows a user journey from the amazon homepage, introduced via full page takeover. The user flow shown (right) shows a more granular journey, specific to users who have ebooks in their library along with an audiobook match. Below, is an example of primary icon design for WhisperSync for Voice used in both desktop and mobile.
Designs and User Flows

These screenshots were the final designs for initial WhisperSync for Voice launch. Each screenshot depicts a part of the user's journey as well as the design elements utilized throughout the discovery process. The additional screenshots below depict how WhisperSync is used within the audible/kindle app, as well as examples of the mobile app and the kindle's native OS.
Digital Marketing

The screenshots below are examples of the digital marketing for WhisperSync post launch. The examples include amazon homepage and navigation banners, a mobile site banner, amazon email and paid digital banners.
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