Product: Audible/Delta Airlines Partnership
Role: UI/UX Designer
Year: 2014
Challenge: Create a user flow for Delta Airlines passengers to experience audiobooks for their travel entertainment
Business Objective: Building brand awareness by encouraging users to download a free audiobook
Marketing Objective: Reach new customers and travelers who may not be aware of the option of listening to audiobooks while they travel to various destinations
User Journey

This co-branded experience was a proposal to Delta Airlines through our Brand Partnership Team. The user journey was created with input from stakeholders and research through Delta's on-board entertainment program.
Delta Airlines Co-branded App Experience

The following screenshots are designs of a user flow for airline passengers. This user journey depicts the flow in which a passenger discovers the audible tab in the navigation, then subsequently finds an audiobook of interest. After discovering a title, the user is taken to sample player, which then encourages the user to download a free audiobook. After opting-in, the flow depicts the next steps involved including an iPhone lock screen notification and email.
Seat Back Entertainment Screen Flow and Design Mock Ups
The following screenshots are mocked up examples of how audible would integrate into Delta Airlines' seat back entertainment unit. The examples depict audible's presence on the home screen, and subsequent click-throughs from finding an audiobook, to a product detail page with sample player, to a chapter select screen.
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